The orange-breasted sunbird (Anthobaphes violacea) is the only member of the bird genus Anthobaphes; however, it is sometimes placed in the genus Nectarinia. This sunbird is endemic to the fynbos habitat of southwestern South Africa.

Orange-breasted Sunbird
Date Location Count
2021-06-28 07:45Table Mountain NP--Table Mountain3
2021-06-26 13:15Table Mountain NP--Silvermine20
2021-07-18 13:43Elsie's Peak Trail Area4
2021-07-20 14:38Table Mountain NP--Cape Point Section5
2021-07-18 09:11Stellenboschberg--Lower Trail15
2021-07-18 12:18Steenbras River Gorge2
2021-07-18 09:05Steenbras Lookout Point6
2021-07-10 14:40Pollock Park1
2021-07-18 07:51Steenbras NR--Klipspringer Trail10
2021-07-18 10:26Rooi-Els3