The bar-headed goose (Anser indicus) is a goose that breeds in Central Asia in colonies of thousands near mountain lakes and winters in South Asia, as far south as peninsular India. It lays three to eight eggs at a time in a ground nest.

Vogel suggests that Bar-headed goose is likely to be Hamsa of Indian mythology. Dave suggests that Bar-headed goose is likely to be Kadamb in ancient and medieval Sanskrit literature, whereas Hamsa generally refers to swan.
Bar-headed Goose
Date Location Count
2020-10-29 16:52Laguna de la Nava ENat--Cantarranas2
2020-10-24 11:52Parque Polvoranca, Leganés5
2020-10-26 09:53Lagunas de Atapuerca2
2020-10-17 16:00De Hooge Kampse Plas4
2020-10-10 17:23Orrevatnet--Orreosen1
2020-10-15 11:59Steinhorster Becken2
2020-10-17 17:45Burglehen--Bischoffsee1
2020-10-03 08:34Ismaninger Speichersee--Damm1
2020-10-04 10:00Gülper See (NSG)1
2020-10-17 06:08Chitwan National Park - Sauraha Rapti River Dike2
2020-10-17 16:21Koshi Barrage16
2020-10-11 17:10Yamdrok Lake50
2020-10-10 12:00Lhasa1
2020-10-02 09:42昆仑关 (Kunlunguan Pass)10
2020-10-11 15:24Indawgyi Lake Wildlife Sanctuary22
2020-09-30 14:33黑马河乡 (Heimahe)8
2020-10-28 08:36Shangri-La Alpine Botanical Garden (香格里拉高山植物园)3
2020-10-25 10:58更尕海 (Geng'ga Lake)108
2020-10-15 13:19Seosan Lake A1