The yellow-billed duck (Anas undulata) is a 51–58 cm long dabbling duck which is an abundant resident breeder in southern and eastern Africa.

This duck is not migratory, but will wander in the dry season to find suitable waters. It is highly gregarious outside the breeding season and forms large flocks.

These are mallard-sized mainly grey ducks with a darker head and bright yellow bill. The wings are whitish below, and from above show a white-bordered green speculum.

Sexes are similar, and juveniles are slightly duller than adults. The north-eastern race is darker and has a brighter bill and blue speculum.

It is a bird of freshwater habitats in fairly open country and feeds by dabbling for plant food mainly in the evening or at night. It nests on the ground in dense vegetation near water. The clutch numbers between six and twelve eggs.

The male has a teal-like whistle, whereas the female has a mallard-like quack.

There are two subspecies of the yellow-billed duck: A. undulata rueppelli (northern yellow-billed duck) A. undulata undulata (southern yellow-billed duck)

The yellow-billed duck is one of the species to which the Agreement on the Conservation of African-Eurasian Migratory Waterbirds (AEWA) applies. The southern nominate subspecies is declining due to competition and hybridization with feral mallards (Rhymer 2006).

Yellow-billed Duck
Date Location Count
2021-02-20 11:26Ndali Lodge1
2021-01-26 08:41Gashora Swamp8
2021-02-11 07:35Mabamba Swamp25
2021-02-08 08:30Mabamba Swamp--Main channel20
2021-02-23 11:55West Coast NP2
2021-02-08 15:17West Coast NP--Abrahamskraal hide14
2021-02-08 15:03Lake Awassa--United Africa Shebelle Hotel area1
2021-02-06 14:22Lake Ol Bolossat, Nyahururu1
2021-02-15 12:42Rietvlei Wetlands Reserve2
2021-02-14 13:01Intaka Island6
2021-02-07 11:45Wildevoelvlei
2021-02-13 15:13Lake Michelle
2021-02-20 11:15Tygerberg Nature Reserve2
2021-02-24 07:25Kirstenhof Wetland1
2021-02-24 08:30Rondevlei Nature Reserve30
2021-02-19 12:25Strandfontein WTP10
2021-02-21 16:48Macassar Sewage Works
2021-02-16 07:37Paardevlei
2021-02-06 16:45Manguo Swamp
2021-02-21 09:59Bot River Bridge (R43)10
2021-02-20 10:11Dandora WTP, Ruai2
2021-01-25 12:43Vermont Pan4
2021-01-26 10:49Thika Wastewater Treatment Plant20
2021-01-31 08:53Pilanesberg NP--Manyane2
2021-01-25 14:51Finfoot Lake Reserve3
2021-01-30 10:10Boons Road2
2021-02-09 09:02Kgomo-Kgomo1
2021-01-27 07:09Wolfhuiskraal Farm (restricted access)1
2021-02-05 07:30Zaagkuildrift Rd (Please be more specific; Do not log Kgomo-Kgomo birds here.)3
2021-01-27 06:22Zaagkuildrift--Roets' Farm2
2021-02-06 17:43Karoo Gariep Nature Reserve1
2021-01-25 16:35Walkhaven Dog Park5
2021-02-11 09:40Houtrivier Dam1
2021-02-12 17:19Diepsloot Nature Reserve20
2021-02-19 08:00Eagle Canyon Golf Estate5
2021-02-20 12:51Dainfern4
2021-02-20 06:33Roodeplaat Dam Nature Reserve4
2021-02-07 09:16Strubendam Bird Sanctuary2
2021-01-28 11:04Glen Austin Bird Sanctuary3
2021-02-03 06:45Naturena10
2021-02-06 11:52Modderfontein Reserve2
2021-02-07 05:57Rietvlei Nature Reserve1
2021-01-30 07:30Eikenhof5
2021-01-30 09:29Polokwane GR1
2021-02-14 06:14Mkhombo Nature Reserve2
2021-02-22 18:03Bonaero Pan3
2021-02-21 06:00Thokoza Wetland10
2021-02-04 15:38Garingboom Guest Farm2
2021-02-12 07:48Bitou River Valley12
2021-02-13 06:26Marievale Bird Sanctuary--Hadeda Hide1
2021-02-12 10:12Piesang Valley and Estuary2
2021-01-30 06:30Devon Grasslands IBA (Mpumalanga Province)6
2021-02-15 06:30Leeupan (Mpumalanga Province)12
2021-01-28 06:37Kabeljous Estuary3
2021-02-07 16:04Wakkerstroom area (Please be more specific)12
2021-02-09 11:15Maloti-Drakensberg Park--Highmoor NR6
2021-01-26 12:43Reichenau Dam1
2021-01-31 06:04Hamburg Estuary2
2021-02-13 14:54Karkloof--Conservancy1
2021-02-21 15:22Midmar Dam--South Shore (Thurlow Gate)2
2021-01-31 05:45Karkloof--Mbona Mountain Estate5
2021-02-20 06:50Cedara Agricultural College Conservancy1
2021-02-06 14:55Hilton--Mondi Forests1
2021-02-10 07:55KaMsholo Bushveld Safaris (formerly Nisela Safaris)1
2021-02-12 00:00Pietermaritzburg--General area2
2021-02-13 06:39Pietermaritzburg--Bisley Road1
2021-02-14 08:47Tala Private GR5
2021-02-04 19:16Eshowe--Brocklee Dam3
2021-02-19 07:02KwaDukuza--Sappi Stanger hide
2021-02-23 05:00Phinda GR4
2021-02-16 10:30Dunes de Dovela3