The thick-billed weaver or grosbeak weaver (Amblyospiza albifrons) is a distinctive and bold species of weaver bird that is native to the Afrotropics. It is monotypic within the genus Amblyospiza. They have particularly strong mandibles, which are employed to extricate the seeds in nutlets and drupes, and their songs are comparatively unmusical and harsh. Their colonial nests are readily distinguishable from those of other weavers, due to their form and placement, and the fine strands used in their construction.
Grosbeak Weaver
Date Location Count
2021-02-16 07:53Sagyimase ("Atewa Range farm scrub")--mining concession5
2021-02-26 08:06Shamvura Camp--boat trip3
2021-02-19 11:19Chimpanzee Guesthouse1
2021-02-21 07:00Kibale Forest NP11
2021-02-23 08:40Bigodi Swamp2
2021-03-04 17:14Bigodi Community Walk5
2021-02-21 07:52Inyange Factory Wetland1
2021-03-07 09:31UMUSAMBI VILLAGE - Wetlands and Grey Crowned Crane rehabilitation2
2021-02-11 07:35Mabamba Swamp20
2021-02-26 15:00Kasane Self Catering1
2021-03-05 07:47Thimlich Ohinga UNESCO World Heritage Site1
2021-03-05 06:08Angama Lodge (Ol Kurruk)1
2021-02-28 09:00U of N Kabete Campus & Field Station (incl. Loresho Swamp)
2021-02-07 14:48Kabete Dam (Gatara River)
2021-02-21 07:06Nairobi NP
2021-02-15 09:00Magongo Hills2
2021-02-06 07:36Lake Duluti2
2021-03-05 18:05Ngare Sero Mountain Lodge8
2021-02-14 09:07Mandegee farm1
2021-02-10 05:08Greengrove Dam4
2021-02-28 12:18Abe Bailey Nature Reserve3
2021-02-08 20:08Walter Sisulu National Botanical Garden--Ruimsig Falls1
2021-02-21 12:17Walter Sisulu National Botanical Garden4
2021-03-06 06:59Diepsloot Nature Reserve4
2021-02-20 12:51Dainfern2
2021-03-01 12:15Golden Harvest Park3
2021-02-17 11:45Norscot Koppies Kingfisher Nature Reserve5
2021-02-13 16:21President Ridge Bird Sanctuary12
2021-02-10 06:39Rietfontein Nature Reserve1
2021-02-27 07:31Austin Roberts Bird Sanctuary2
2021-02-28 12:08Pretoria National Botanical Garden1
2021-02-20 06:33Roodeplaat Dam Nature Reserve1
2021-02-06 14:30Glen Austin Bird Sanctuary3
2021-02-07 07:01Faerie Glen Nature Reserve1
2021-03-06 06:29Moreleta Kloof Nature Reserve12
2021-03-07 07:34Rietvlei Nature Reserve10
2021-02-22 06:23Wamba Marsh3
2021-02-14 07:39Lower Tana River Delta
2021-02-13 06:37Sabaki River Estuary
2021-02-11 13:46Kruger NP--Shipandani Overnight Hide2
2021-03-05 16:08Nelspruit Nature Reserve3
2021-02-21 14:19Midmar Dam--North Shore (Main Gate)2
2021-02-06 14:55Hilton--Mondi Forests4
2021-02-13 05:59Pietermaritzburg--Bisley Road1
2021-02-13 07:08Pietermaritzburg--Bisley Valley NR2
2021-02-13 07:05Hole in the Wall2
2021-02-06 13:01Mkhuze GR (please be more specific)
2021-03-07 15:43Umhlanga Lagoon NR1
2021-02-23 05:00Phinda GR3
2021-02-13Bonamanzi GR
2021-03-02iSimangaliso WP--general area (please be more specific)
2021-02-07 16:00Dunes de Dovela2